Most Handsome Indian Men

These are my most favorite men more for their work than for their looks. Not necessarily from the cinemas. I will add more names as I go…

I want to start off with my three most favourite, Prithviraj Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor and Balraj Sahni. They had a beautiful spirit and that exuded through their personality at every stage in their life. They were extraordinarily handsome, yes, but there was something grand in them that stayed even as they aged.

I mean I saw Prithviraj Kapoor’s older films (where he is young,) only now but in Mughal-E-Azam where he plays Akbar, and a father of the prince how magnanimous!!! And isn’t it funny that in his younger years he looked so much like Shashi Kapoor but he started to look like Shammi Kapoor?



prithviraj kapoor220px-Prithviraj_Kapoor_portrait_1929



 Or Balraj Sahni, I had seen him first in the O meri zohrajabeen, where he plays a middle aged husband but mainly later in Kabuliwala, (where the whole thing can kill you if you don’t take a break, with the deadly combo of Tagore’s story, Bimal Roy’s direction and Sahni’s acting prowess!) and I could see that he was literally the embodiment of the generous and kind Pathani soul in Abdur Rehmat Khan.


blraj sahni stamp

Shammi Kapoor, well, for me was a bit of sun right here on the earth. I have the clearest memory of my first Shammi Kapoor. I must be five years or so. Of course he was in the Pan Parag ad and everytime he said Pan Parag, my father would say, the great Shammi Kapoor, and then I saw him in Betaab, and saw just this passion that couldn’t fit into those already big bright eyes.

pan parag

And then we were watching something like Chaayageet, and they played this song Yahoo, and my father said the great Shammi Kapoor and I was like whatttt? It is the same person? But then I saw the connection and the sunniness which hadn’t dwindled a bit – and I knew…And he remains just my soul’s favourite since then…


So freakiiing coollll!

shamkaps younger

shamkapsshammi kapoor wow

So much suave huh!

shammi kapoor dressed so well



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