Like any child growing up in India, my love for Bollywood has come to grow with each movie I have watched. The only regret was when as a seven year old, and a Sridevi fan I had dragged my parents to watch Naaka Bandi. Anyone remember, “Are you ready, Naaka Bandi?” No, I was not ready for it!

naaka bandi.png
Naaka Bandi: But it had the honour of being on this wall of fame!


After which I have “selectively liked” the 80s. But thankfully gone are the days of the florescent dresses that could burn off your corneas, or the background score created possibly by sound engineers who “ooncha sunte hai”.

Nonetheless, no one could be more happy about the way Indian cinema is evolving. I am glad that our cinema is telling stories  from the wonderful diversity of India rather than going for the pan-Indian suspended universe. I wish to celebrate it here on my blog in as many ways as possible!

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